John A Masek: Method and apparatus for improved recovery of oil from porous, subsurface deposits (targevcir oricess). Sherman and Shalloway, June 8, 1993: US05217076 (333 worldwide citation)

A method and apparatus for the improved recovery of oil from porous sub-surface deposits such as tar sands comprising mining and drilling a well with upper and lower horizontal rectangular grids extending outward into the deposit and applying steam heat or super heated crude oil vapor through the lo ...


John A Masek: Two phase heat generation system and method. Harness Dickey & Pierce, April 4, 2000: US06044907

The present invention provides a two phase heat generation system having a primary pressure vessel and an interior vessel spaced from the primary pressure vessel defining a water cavity and a combustion chamber, the water cavity delivering fluid into the combustion chamber, the combustion chamber ha ...