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Methods for separating into an aqueous phase and an organic phase which are not miscible the residual sulphitic or bisulphitic liquor produced by the digestion of ligno-cellulose materials after separation of the cellulose in the production of paper pulp following the so-sold "sulphite" or "bisulphi ...

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A method for delignifying ligno-cellulosic materials and efficiently separate from each other the constituents thereof. Said materials which optionally may be prehydrolized are heated in an aqueous acid medium in the presence of phenol compounds whereby the ratio by weight of liquid to solid is at l ...

Sachetto Jean Pierre, Armanet Jean Michel, Johansson Allan Ake, Roman Alain, Cuccolo Sergio: Method for hydrolyzing cellulosic materials into reducing sugars.. Battelle Memorial Institute, June 2, 1982: EP0052896-A1

A moist ligno-cellulosic mass was impregnated under cooling with HCl gas then it was warmed up in order to cause said mass to hydrolyze and the excess of acid to escape, the brewing action consecutive to said desorption improving the efficiency of said hydrolysis.