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The present invention relates to generation and transmission of status reports utilizing available HARQ information. The invention is well suited for a cellular mobile radio communications system, particularly a Universal Mobile Telecommunications System, UMTS.

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A telecommunications device comprises a transceiver (33); a radio link control entity (50); and, a radio link control (RLC) buffer memory (150). The transceiver (33) which enables the device to communicate over an air interface (32). The radio link control entity (50) forms uplink RLC protocol data ...

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Methods for efficiently controlling the retransmission of data units in a wireless telecommunication system, wherein multiple complementary feedback mechanisms are used to control retransmission. A receiver attempts to decode each received data unit. If a data unit is successfully decoded, the recei ...

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The present invention provides a stall avoidance mechanism that may be used alone or in conjunction with an ambiguity avoidance mechanism in an ARQ protocol. Both mechanisms decrease data delays and increase data throughput rates. Stall avoidance is accomplished by determining whether a stall condit ...

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A method of handling the transmission of Radio Link Control (RLC) Protocol Data Units (PDUs) from a Radio Access Network (RAN) of a mobile telecommunications system to User Equipment (UE). At a Gateway of the RAN, RLC Service Data Units (SDUs) are segmented into RLC PDUs for transmission to one or m ...

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A node (22) of a telecommunications network (2) receives, over a transmission chain (24) subject to packet jitter, packets of a connection involving a client device (26). The node (22) comprises a packet buffer (38) configured to store the packets received over the transmission chain prior to transm ...

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By adaptively relocating a transmitting point between a base station and a base station controller, e.g., an RNC, optimal ARQ performance is achieved. The adaptation may be based on one or more of many factors such as the distance between a network element and a user equipment. As one example, for a ...

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A radio base station suitable for performing a handover operation for a LTE-variant of a radio access network comprises a transceiver and a status report requester. The transceiver is configured to facilitate wireless transmission between the radio base station and a wireless terminal over an air in ...

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A method for measuring the transmission quality between a base station and at least one remote station in a communication network having at least one channel for transferring signals between said base station and said at least one remote station involves measuring a transmission quality for signal t ...

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A method (300) for use in a cellular system (100) with a controlling node (110) and user terminals, UEs (130). In the system, UEs can assume one of at least two states, a non-listening state, i.e. a state during which a UE (130) does not listen for data from its controlling node (110), and a listeni ...