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An error correction method improves measurement accuracy of a vector network analyzer by reducing reflection measurement errors for a broad class of devices, such as filters, switches, cables, couplers, attenuators, and other passive devices tested by vector network analyzers (VNAs) that are recipro ...

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A test set for use in measuring S-parameters with a network analyzer includes a first directional bridge, a second directional bridge and a single balun with two outputs mounted in an RF housing. A test signal from an RF signal source is transmitted through the test set to a device under test. The f ...

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A hybrid transfer switch comprises at least a pair of GaAs MMIC FET SPDT switches coupled together by a transmission line. PIN diodes are coupled to the transmission line and to DC bias circuitry. The hybrid switch performance closely approximates that of a mechanical/electromechanical transfer swit ...

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A measurement method adjusts the IF bandwidth of a network analyzer to increase measurement speed for high dynamic range devices. According to the first preferred embodiment of the present invention, the bandwidth of the IF filter is adjusted for each corresponding measurement sweep of the network a ...

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A method and a measurement system determine a transmission response of a device under test (DUT). The method includes measuring a reflection response from a first port of the DUT while a known reflective termination is on a second port of the DUT, and time gating the measured reflection response to ...

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In one embodiment, a vector network analyzer (VNA) comprises a plurality of ports for coupling to a device under test (DUT), at least one reference receiver for measuring signals associated with the DUT, and logic for processing measurement data from the at least one reference receiver to compensate ...

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A lightwave test set interconnected to an existing RF vector or scalar network analyzer system for performing calibrated electro-optical, opto-electrical, optical, and/or electrical measurements on optical systems, subsystems, and associated components.

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A tuning method for filters having multiple coupled resonators isolates the characteristics of each resonator, enabling a specified filter response to be achieved by adjusting the resonators according to response criteria. A target frequency response is defined for the filter and a target time domai ...

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A network analyzer measurement method adaptively adjusts measurement parameters of the network analyzer, based on a set of measurements of a device under test (DUT) and according to a user-specified limit contour, maximum permissible measurement error or other decision criteria. Measurement speed of ...

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Modulated differential (balanced) drive signals are created where, at least one of the signals can be controlled in phase relative to the other, and both of which could be controlled in amplitude and both of which have the same modulation envelope. In one embodiment, a coherent signal is generated i ...