Tom Adeyoola, Nick Brown, Nikki Trott, Edward Herbert, Duncan Robertson, Jim Downing, Nick Day, Robert Boland, Tom Boucher, Joe Townsend, Edward Clay, Tom Warren, Anoop Unadkat, Yu Chen: Computer implemented methods and systems for generating virtual body models for garment fit visualisation. METAIL, Saul Ewing, May 30, 2017: US09665906 (1 worldwide citation)

Methods for generating and sharing a virtual body model of a person, created with a small number of measurements and a single photograph, combined with one or more images of garments. The virtual body model represents a realistic representation of the users body and is used for visualizing photo-rea ...

YU CHEN , DONGJOE SHIN , JOE TOWNSEND , JIM DOWNING , DUNCAN ROBERTSON , TOM ADEYOOLA : [en] Method and system for generating an image file of a 3D garment model on a 3D body model. METAIL  , July 26, 2017: GB2546572-A

[en] Generating an image file of a high resolution 3D garment model on a 3D body model, comprising: (i) acquiring at least three 2D images of a garment on a mannequin, wherein the at least three 2D images of the garment on the mannequin capture a 360° azimuthal angle range of view of the garment on ...

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