Joe C Hromas, Mark Vella: Method and apparatus for perforating a well. Schlumberger Technology Corporation Schlumberger Reservoir Completions, October 23, 2003: US20030196806-A1

The present invention provides for a perforating gun having stackable sections that latch, enabling the gun string to carry both compressive and tensile loads. This allows for the downhole assembly of guns of any desired length, and for the entire gun string to be removed after firing.

Larry Grigar, Joe C Hromas: Safety Apparatus for Perforating System. Schlumberger Technology Corporation, Schlumberger Reservoir Completions, November 22, 2007: US20070267195-A1

Safety apparatus is disclosed for providing ballistic train interruption in a perforating system. The safety apparatus comprises a generally tubular shaped housing having first and second ends which are fabricated to permit the housing to be positioned at any location in the perforating system. The ...

Joe C Hromas, Larry Grigar: Flow Control System For Use In A Wellbore. Schlumberger Technology Corporation, Schlumberger Reservoir Completions, November 29, 2007: US20070272410-A1

A technique is provided to facilitate fluid flow and pressure control in a well with an interventionless flow valve system. The valve system is coupled to a well component string deployed downhole in a wellbore. The valve system controls flow and pressure between an interior and exterior of the stri ...

Joe C Hromas, Larry Grigar: Technique and Apparatus for Multiple Zone Perforating. Schlumberger Technology Corporation, Schlumberger Reservoir Completions, August 18, 2005: US20050178554-A1

A technique that is usable with a well includes running a production string into the well so that the production string extends through a first isolated zone of the well and at least into a second isolated zone that is located farther into the well than the first isolated zone. The production string ...

Mark Vella, Joe C Hromas, Bennie Gill, Larry Grigar, Steven W Henderson: Techniques and systems associated with perforation and the installation of downhole tools. Schlumberger Reservoir Completions, May 26, 2005: US20050109508-A1

A technique to install a tool in a well includes running the tool into the well and fixing the tool to the well with a fixing agent without pumping the fixing agent through a central passageway of the tool. The tool may be a perforating gun that includes a casing body that includes a longitudinal ax ...

Joe C Hromas, Larry Grigar: Automatic Tool Release. Schlumberger Technology Corporation, Schlumberger Reservoir Completions, March 9, 2006: US20060048940-A1

A release tool and method of use for releasing tools (such as perforating guns) from tool strings (such as perforating strings) after use in well bore operations. It is emphasized that this abstract is provided to comply with the rules requiring an abstract, which will allow a searcher or other read ...