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Polyesters obtained by reacting from 5 to 50 parts of at least one linear or branched, aliphatic or cycloaliphatic, at least dihydric alcohol, from 2 to 40 parts of at least one at least dibasic, aromatic carboxylic acid, from 0 to 40 parts of at least one 2-alkenyldicarboxylic anhydride, from 10 to ...


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Aqueous filler composition comprising a polyester resin, which is built up of the educts (a), (b), (c), (d) and (e) or their ester-forming derivatives, the sum of the reactants corresponding to 100 mol-% and the ratio of the sum of the hydroxyl equivalents (eg OH) to the sum of the carboxyl equivale ...

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Unsaturated polyurethanes containing from 20 to 80% by weight of polyethylene glycol units, which can be prepared by reacting


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Self-crosslinking aqueous polymer dispersions comprising water-thinnable polyesters, vinyl polymers that have either carbonyl or hydrazine functional groups, and a crosslinker having at least two hydrazine or other groups which react with carbonyl groups or crosslinkers having at least two carbonyl ...

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Polyurethanes which have olefinic double bonds and a content by mass of ethylene oxide units, incorporated via polyethylene glycol, of from 20 to 80% and which are obtainable by reacting (a) at least one organic polyisocyanate with (b) at least one polybutadiene derivative which is reactive toward i ...

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A conveyor facility having at least one traveling unit, which has an electrical load, in particular an electric drive, and which can be moved along a conveyor path by means of the drive; and a railbus, which is arranged along the conveyor path and which has at least one supply collector wire via whi ...