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In the process for the selective hydrogenation of dienes in diene-containing feed streams, a diene-containing feed stream is hydrogenated over a nickel-containing precipitated catalyst at from 40 to 100.degree. C., a pressure of from 3 to 20 bar and a WHSV (weight hourly space velocity) of from 1 to ...

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Polymers and oligomers of olefinically unsaturated C.sub.2 -C.sub.20 -hydrocarbons having one or two 2-oxazolinyl end groups have the structure (I) ##STR1## where A is a polymer or oligomer radical derived from the olefinically unsaturated C.sub.2 -C.sub.20 -hydrocarbons and the radicals R can be id ...

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A window lift system includes a motor drive assembly (10) constructed and arranged to control movement window glass of a vehicle, and a door module (35) to which the drive assembly is coupled. The door module has surface features (36) disrupting a surface (37) of the door module to reduce the transf ...

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A case or housing for a clock, particularly for use in moist rooms, has a cup-shaped dome portion with an opening that is closed by a cover glass at the side of the observer and while a rear portion is closed by a back cover. A support plate which is provided in the dome portion divides the case int ...



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Interference suppression filter, including a metal cup having an open end, a ring core choke, a wound capacitor and a discharge resistor being interconnected and cast together in the metal cup, first and second network side and appliance side connectors being extended outwardly through the open end ...

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Process for operating a continuous heterogeneously catalyzed gas phase partial oxidation of at least one organic compound using compressed air as the oxygen source which is filtered before its compression.

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A device is provided for electrically adjusting a vehicle seat (1). The device has left and right articulated constructions (6, 6) arranged respectively on left and right sides (3, 4) of the vehicle seat (1). The device also has at least one electric motor (13) coupled to left and right gear mechani ...

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Copolymer comprising ethylene units and vinyl formate units, the content of free vinyl formate in the polymer preferably being not more than 5000 ppm, based on the weight of the copolymer, a process for its preparation, and its use as flow improver, especially in petroleum distillates, preferably fu ...