Jens Nagel
Carlos I McEvilly, Manjirnath A Chatterjee, Jin Guo, Jens Nagel, Rudolf Schusteritsch, Marie E White: Method and system for user-definable fun messaging. Marshall Gerstein & Borun, June 30, 2005: US20050143102-A1

A method and apparatus are used for encoding (310) and decoding (408) a message encoded with at least one entertainment component after receiving the message contents from a sender. Instructions from the sender are used for selecting (304) the encoding method for the message content to provide the e ...

Eddy Mayoraz, Jin Guo, Charles Yimin Wu: Application-independent text entry for touch-sensitive display. Motorola, June 6, 2006: US07057607 (210 worldwide citation)

A user interface method and apparatus for an electronic device operates by detecting (108) a stroke of a touch sensitive display (170) forming a part of the electronic device. The stroke is categorized (116) as one of a swish type stroke and a non-swish type stroke. If the stroke is a non-swish stro ...

Jin Guo, Carlos Isak McEvilly, Figen Ulgen: Keypad with strokes assigned to key for ideographic text input. Motorola, Hugh C Dunlop, Hisashi D Watanabe, March 26, 2002: US06362752 (75 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for inputting ideographic characters such as Chinese and Japanese characters, comprising an input pad having at least three rows and three columns of keys, forming a square with four corners and one corner key at each corner. At least two of the corner keys (

Jin Guo: Keypad layout for alphabetic character input. Motorola, Romi N Bose, Hisashi D Watanabe, February 3, 2004: US06686852 (65 worldwide citation)

A layout for a keypad is provided that has a highly regular arrangement of alphabetic characters for ease of use thereof and a highly efficient distribution of the characters to minimize the instances where multiple words are formed from a given sequence of key inputs. The keypad layout is for the C ...

Jin Guo: Keypad layout for alphabetic symbol input. Motorola, Hisashi D Watanabe, January 3, 2006: US06982658 (61 worldwide citation)

Layouts for keypads are provided that have an improved combination of a regular of intuitive arrangement of alphabetic symbols of a language defined by letter characters of the Roman alphabet and an efficient distribution of the symbols to minimize input ambiguities. More particularly, the symbols a ...

Jin Guo, Charles Yimin Wu, Ying Chang, Victoria Lyustin: User interface for a portable electronic device. Motorola, Hisashi D Watanabe, September 20, 2005: US06947771 (56 worldwide citation)

The present invention is a user interface (120) for an ideographic character input device (100) comprising three rows (148, 150, 152) of adjacent input keys. A first row (148) includes keys that represent linear character strokes, a third row (152) includes keys that represent non-linear character s ...

Charles Wu, Jin Guo, Lu Chang, Carlos McEvilly: Method and apparatus for navigation, text input and phone dialing. Motorola, January 31, 2006: US06992658 (18 worldwide citation)

An apparatus and a method for entering information into an electronic device are provided. The apparatus (200) includes five text-input buttons (102, etc) that can be activated by pressing or by touching. In one embodiment, the buttons are located on a disk (302). Text is entered by pressing or touc ...

Charles Yimin Wu, Jin Guo, Sadik Kapadia: Device and method for editing processed data input. Motorola, Hisashi D Watanabe, June 19, 2007: US07234119 (14 worldwide citation)

A portable electronic device (100) and method (400) is capable of editing processed data input. The portable electronic device (100) comprises a display area (224) and a processor (206) coupled to the display area. The device collects (404) data input and, then, removes (412) the data input from the ...

Antonis Papanikolaou, Hua Wang, Jin Guo, Miguel Miranda, Francky Catthoor: Resource activity aware system for determining a resource interconnection pattern within an essentially digital device and devices created therewith. Interuniversitar Microelektronica Centrum, Knobbe Martens Olson & Bear, May 8, 2007: US07216326 (9 worldwide citation)

An aspect of the present invention provides a design environment in which a floorplan of a semiconductor device is optimised by taking into account activation or access frequency information to and from resources. Since segmented bus architecture is also a good alternative approach for the power con ...

Ayman Fawzy Naguib, Alok Aggarwal, Jin Guo: Post-deployment calibration for wireless position determination. QUALCOMM Incorporated, April 7, 2015: US09002349 (4 worldwide citation)

Methods and apparatuses are directed to calibrating a misconfigured wireless access point. One method may include receiving a position of mobile station(s) and wireless signal model measurements derived from packets exchanged between the mobile station(s) and a plurality of wireless access points, r ...