Jack Hao
Jack Jianxiu Hao, Guillermo Ortiz, Heath Stallings, John P Valdez, Wei Xia, Joseph M Geiger: Smart home device management. Verizon Patent and Licensing, February 12, 2013: US08375118 (51 worldwide citation)

A mobile communication device receives information associated with multiple home devices, and generates, based on the home device information, a connected home dashboard that includes a home device item, a modes item, a monitoring item, a security item, and a notifications item. The mobile communica ...

Jack Hao
Jack Jianxiu Hao, Dahai Ren, Shuai Wu, Robert C Baruch, Christopher L Helbling, Gerald Y Honma, Xuefeng Yao, Haiyan Zhou: Visual voicemail network architecture. Verizon Patent and Licensing, June 5, 2012: US08195130 (15 worldwide citation)

A system may include a load balancer that includes a receiver configured to receive a first notification of voicemail message information associated with a voicemail mailbox. The system may also include a group of servers and each of the group of servers may include a receiver and a transmitter. The ...

Jack Hao
Jack Jianxiu Hao, Chris Helbling, Gaurav D Mehta, Michael R Oliver, Guillermo Ortiz, Okeno Palmer, Dahai Ren, Diego S Rozensztejn, Atul Thaper: Visual voicemail provisioning and notification. Verizon Patent and Licensing, April 10, 2012: US08155627 (10 worldwide citation)

A device receives, from a user device, a request to use a visual voicemail (VVM) application, directs the user device to a self provisioning server based on the request, and receives, from the self provisioning server, a selected VVM subscription plan and information associated with a user of the us ...

Jack Hao
Serkan Tosun, Jianxiu Hao, YiYi He, Matthew C Lemay: Dynamic location-based mapping system and method. Verizon Data Services, March 30, 2010: US07688227 (8 worldwide citation)

A graphical mapping system configured to display mapping information on a handheld device is disclosed. The system includes an image map database configured to store map data for a plurality of geographic areas, which is useful for generating graphical maps. The system further includes a vector map ...

Jack Hao
Jack Jianxiu Hao, Jian Huang, Diego S Rozensztejn, Fred Scheer, Gaurav Tanna, Wei Xia, Xuefeng Yao, Fang Zhu: Networked address book. Verizon Patent and Licensing, October 2, 2012: US08280883 (3 worldwide citation)

A device receives one or more contacts provided in an address book associated with a user, and receives profile information associated with one or more other users. The device also links the profile information with one or more corresponding contacts provided in the address book, and provides the ad ...

Jack Hao
Jianxiu Hao, Diego S Rozensztejn, Jian Huang, Muralikumar Venkatasubramaniam: Apparatus, method, and computer program product for synchronizing data sources. Verizon Patent and Licensing, October 2, 2012: US08280847 (2 worldwide citation)

A method is provided for synchronizing data sources. The method includes receiving at least first and second data tables. The data tables have one or more mutually similar fields and one or more dissimilar fields from one another. First normalized, second normalized, and intermediate data tables are ...

Jack Hao
Jianxiu Hao, Beato T Cheng, Norman Eugene Heckman: Methods and systems for updating a land use and land cover map using postal records. Verizon Laboratories, Leonard Charles Suchyta, James K Weixel, May 27, 2003: US06571242 (2 worldwide citation)

Systems and methods are presented to classify a region on a map, or to update a preexisting classification of the region. The method utilizes postal records, associated with geographic positions, and corresponding land classifications to classify the region or to update the preexisting classificatio ...

Jack Hao
Jianxiu Hao, Guillermo Ortiz, Diego S Rozensztejn, Fenglin Yin: Method, computer program product, and apparatus for providing communications with at least one media provider. Verizon Patent and Licensing, March 10, 2015: US08978066

Methods, computer program products, and apparatuses are provided for allowing a user to communicate with a set top box and a media content server through a mobile communication device, such as a cellular phone. The user may be able to request and receive a customer specific interactive programming g ...

Jack Hao
Jack Jianxiu Hao, Yuhui Qian, Jian Huang, Gaurav Mehta: Program handoff between devices and program network offloading. Verizon Patent and Licensing, January 6, 2015: US08931016

Methods, devices, and non-transitory storage mediums provide a program handoff between user devices. The program handoff permits a user to select a user device with which to resume a playing of the program. The program handoff also permits a user to set a reminder for playing the program. Methods, d ...

Jack Hao
Zhiying Jin, Wei Xia, Gerald Honma, Jo Ann Kagawa, Jianxiu Hao: Voicemail notification server load balancing. Verizon Patent and Licensing, April 2, 2013: US08411826

A device receives, from a management server, an optimal number of threads, generates a dynamic thread based on the optimal number of threads, and retrieves, from a message store, a message based on the dynamic thread and when the message store is not empty. The device receives a binding from a voice ...