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The universal text input technique described herein addresses the difficulties of typing text in various languages and scripts, and offers a unified solution, which combines character conversion, next word prediction, spelling correction and automatic script switching to make it extremely simple to ...

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Log-based rankers and document-based rankers may be combined for searching. In an example embodiment, there is a method for combining rankers to perform a search operation. A count of query instances in log data is ascertained based on a query. A search for the query is performed to produce a set of ...

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Functionality is described herein for transforming first and second symbolic linguistic items into respective first and second continuous-valued concept vectors, using a deep learning model, such as a convolutional latent semantic model. The model is designed to capture both the local and global lin ...

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There is provided a computer-implemented method and system for ranking documents. The method includes identifying a number of query-document pairs based on clickthrough data for a number of documents. The method also includes building a latent semantic model based on the query-document pairs and ran ...

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A probability distribution for a reference summary of a document is determined. The probability distribution for the reference summary is then used to generate a score for a machine-generated summary of the document.

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A computing system configured to produce an optimized translation hypothesis of text input into the computing system. The computing system includes a plurality of translation machines. Each of the translation machines is configured to produce their own translation hypothesis from the same text. An o ...

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A cordless indicia reader including a multifunction coil that can be configured to either transmit or receive electromagnetic energy is disclosed. In this way, the multifunction coil facilitates both the wireless charging of a battery and the wireless deactivation of electronic article surveillance ...

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A method, computer readable medium and system are provided which retrieve confirming sentences from a sentence database in response to a query. A search engine retrieves confirming sentences from the sentence database in response to the query. IN retrieving the confirming sentences, the search engin ...

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A search engine is described herein for providing search results based on a context in which a query has been submitted, as expressed by context information. The search engine operates by ranking a plurality of documents based on a consideration of the query, and based, in part, on a context concept ...

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An architecture is discussed that provides the capability to subselect the most relevant data from an out-domain corpus to use either in isolation or in combination conjunction with in-domain data. The architecture is a domain adaptation for machine translation that selects the most relevant sentenc ...