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A cordless indicia reader including a multifunction coil that can be configured to either transmit or receive electromagnetic energy is disclosed. In this way, the multifunction coil facilitates both the wireless charging of a battery and the wireless deactivation of electronic article surveillance ...

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A method and apparatus are provided for adapting a language model to a task-specific domain. Under the method and apparatus, the relative frequency of n-grams in a small training set (i.e. task-specific training data set) and the relative frequency of n-grams in a large training set (i.e. out-of-dom ...

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A method for optimizing a language model is presented comprising developing an initial language model from a lexicon and segmentation derived from a received corpus using a maximum match technique, and iteratively refining the initial language model by dynamically updating the lexicon and re-segment ...

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A method for the joint optimization of language model performance and size is presented comprising developing a language model from a tuning set of information, segmenting at least a subset of a received textual corpus and calculating a perplexity value for each segment and refining the language mod ...

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A search result ranker may be trained with automatically-generated samples. In an example embodiment, user interests are inferred from user interactions with search results for a particular query so as to determine respective relevance scores associated with respective query-identifier pairs of the ...

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A method, computer readable medium and system are provided which retrieve confirming sentences from a sentence database in response to a query. A search engine retrieves confirming sentences from the sentence database in response to the query. IN retrieving the confirming sentences, the search engin ...

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Systems and methods for identifying translation pairs from web pages are provided. One disclosed method includes receiving monolingual web page data of a source language, and processing the web page data by detecting the occurrence of a predefined pattern in the web page data, and extracting a plura ...

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Cluster- and pruning-based language model compression is disclosed. In one embodiment, a language model is first clustered, such as by using predictive clustering. The language model after clustering has a larger size than it did before clustering. The language model is then pruned, such as by using ...

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A method of training language model parameters trains discriminative model parameters in the language model based on a performance measure having discrete values.

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A method and apparatus for segmenting text is provided that identifies a sequence of entity types from a sequence of characters and thereby identifies a segmentation for the sequence of characters. Under the invention, the sequence of entity types is identified using probabilistic models that descri ...