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An improved method and system for characterizing the compositional components of a hydrocarbon reservoir of interest and analyzing fluid properties of the reservoir of interest based upon its compositional components.

Zuolin Zhu, JiaBao Zhao, Meng Sun, Zhenji Zhu, Kangfu Gu, Shanqing Sun, Tongxing Xie, Wenhai Wang: Formaldehyde absorbent and method for using the same. NINGBO YUCHEN ENVIROCLEAN TECH, Hamre Schumann Mueller Larson P C, December 13, 2016: US09517435

The present invention discloses a formaldehyde absorbent and a method for using the same, the chemical composition of the formaldehyde absorbent by weight percentage is, amino acid: 0.1-99.9%; DNA and RNA base 99.9-0.1%. The method comprises the following steps: a. dissolving the formaldehyde absorb ...



Dong Jiabao: Motor speed measuring device of washing machine. LG Electronics, huen he, March 26, 2008: CN200610015729

This invention disclose a kind of motor speed measurement equipment of the washing machine, the speed measurement equipment is set in the end of the motor shaft, it includes the magnet and plastic bush, the magnet is traffic circle, forms the bush in the circle of the magnet, the bush is circle too, ...

Zhuang Jiabao: Gas cylinder valve shutting device. Semiconductor Manufacturing International, guji guang, October 31, 2007: CN200610026247

The invention discloses an air-bottle shutoff valve, comprising a group of clamping claws that can clamp the air-bottle valve and rotate with respective to the air-bottle axis, a signal mechanism connected with the group of clamping claws, a draught spring connected with a drag-line rolled on the me ...

Zhou Jiabao, Wu Youtian: Computer executable network configuration remote dynamic setting method and its system. Taian Computer Science &Amp Technology, October 3, 2007: CN200610025148

A method for dynamically and remotely setting network configuration being able to be executed by computer includes obtaining media access control code by management sub-card of server on agent terminal when agent terminal is started up and then requesting a corresponding network address from remote ...