Jia Yuewen, Wang Yixin: Synchronous digital hierarchy (SDH) circuit fault diagnosing method and device. BOCO Software Institute BOCO Group, July 7, 2010: CN200810246646

The invention discloses a synchronous digital hierarchy (SDH) circuit fault diagnosing method comprising the following steps of: obtaining original alarms of the equipment of all companies in a communication network; screening circuit fault characteristic alarms from the original alarms; obtaining c ...

QIN LIYUAN, JIANG ENCHEN, WANG QIUJING, LUO LI NA, ZHAO CHENXI, LU SHUANG, JIA YUEWEN, GAO ZHONGZHI: [ZH] 木质素粘结生物炭包膜尿素及制备方法, [EN] Lignin-bound biochar coated urea and preparation method thereof. NORTHEAST AGRICULTURAL UNIVERSITY, May 20, 2015: CN137636617

[EN] The invention relates to lignin-bound biochar coated urea and a preparation method thereof and belongs to the technical field of utilization of agricultural biomass. A binder used in the lignin-bound biochar coated urea comprises acid-precipitated lignin, a pyroligneous liquid and water in diff ...

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