Yimin DING
Ding Yimin, Song Yi, Jia Min, Meng Qingyun, Zou Zhongren, Wang Qiang, Wang Qinglin: Safety terminal device for mobile payment. Beijing Tongfang Microelectronics, July 11, 2012: CN201010598279

A safety terminal device for mobile payment relates to the technical scheme of mobile payment. In one technical scheme, a power source element PE, a safety element SE, an input element IE, a display element DE and a wireless communication element WE are respectively connected with a control element ...

Chih Chao Yang, Jia Min Shieh, Wen Hsien Huang, Tung Ying Hsieh, Chang Hong Shen, Szu Hung Chen: Transistor device structure. NATIONAL APPLIED RESEARCH LABORATORIES, WPAT PC, Justin King, March 8, 2016: US09281305 (6 worldwide citation)

A transistor device structure includes a substrate, a first transistor layer and a second transistor layer. The second transistor layer is disposed between the substrate and the first transistor layer. The first transistor layer includes an insulating structure and a first transistor unit. The insul ...

Hung Liang Chou, Jia Min Shen, Chin Chang Wu, Li Hsiang Lai, Lung Chi Yang, Ya Tsung Feng: Ripple voltage suppression method for DC/DC converter and apparatus thereof. Ablerex Electronics, Alan Kamrath, Kamrath & Associates PA, August 30, 2011: US08009446 (5 worldwide citation)

A ripple voltage suppression apparatus includes a DC/DC converter and a control circuit. The DC/DC converter has a power electronic switch. The control circuit has a voltage detector detecting a DC output voltage of the DC/DC converter, a ripple voltage suppression circuit receiving the detected DC ...

Jia Min Shieh, Sue Hong Liu, Bau Tong Dai: Electropolishing electrolyte and method for planarizing a metal layer using the same. BASF Aktiengesellschaft, Hoffmann & Baron, March 10, 2009: US07501051 (4 worldwide citation)

The present electropolishing electrolyte comprises an acid solution and an alcohol additive having at least one hydroxy group, wherein the contact angle of the alcohol additive is smaller than the contact angle of the acid solution on a metal layer under electropolishing. The alcohol additive is sel ...

Jia Min Shieh, Wen Chein Yu, Chao Kei Wang, Bau Tong Dai, Ci Ling Pan, Hao Chung Kuo, Jung Y Huang: Silicon-quantum-dot semiconductor near-infrared photodetector. National Applied Research Laboratories, Jackson IPG PLLC, Demian K Jackson, April 10, 2012: US08154007 (3 worldwide citation)

A mesoporous silica having adjustable pores is obtained to form a template and thus a three-terminal metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor (MOSFET) photodetector is obtained. A gate dielectric of a nano-structural silicon-base membrane is used as infrared light absorber in it. Thus, a se ...

Jia Min Ke: System for monitoring processing device utilization in a computer. ASUSTeK Computer, Birch Stewart Kolasch & Birch, January 22, 2008: US07321523 (2 worldwide citation)

A monitoring system capable of monitoring utilization of a processing device in a computer. The monitoring system includes a power supply voltage for supplying a core voltage to the processing device, and a comparator for comparing a voltage proportional to the core voltage to a reference voltage an ...

Shieh Jia Min, Chang Shih Chieh, Dai Bau Tong, Li Ying Hao, Shen Kwo Hung: Electropolishing electrolytic solution formulation. Merck Kanto Advanced Chemicals, December 21, 2003: TW567545 (2 worldwide citation)

An electropolishing electrolytic solution formulation at least comprises an acid solution and an organic additive. The acid solution includes phosphoric acid or a mixture of phosphoric acid and sulfuric acid, which can form a passivation layer on the metal surface. The organic additive at least comp ...


Ming Sian Bai, Ming Hung Hung, Jia Min Huang, Fu Cheng Su: High-resolution intelligent rotor machine diagnostic system and method. National Chiao Tung University, Bucknam and Archer, July 18, 2006: US07079959 (1 worldwide citation)

The present invention relates to a smart system and method of performing high-resolution frequency order analysis/diagnosis on rotor, in which such system is characterized in that capable of performing order analysis via a Kalman filter or a RLS (Recursive Least Square) algorithm while determining t ...

Jia Min Shieh, Chang Hong Shen, Wen Hsien Huang, Shih Chuan Wu, Bau Tong Dai, Jung Y Huang, Hao Chung Kuo: Method of integrating light-trapping layer to thin-film solar cell. National Applied Research Laboratories, Jackson IPG PLLC, Demian K Jackson, July 10, 2012: US08216872 (1 worldwide citation)

A light-trapping layer is integrated into a thin-film solar cell. It is integrated as a light-inlet layer, an intermediate layer or a shaded layer with nano-particles embedded in a transparent or non-transparent conductive film. Thus, light stays longer in an absorption layer with photocurrent incre ...

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