P Moerman, Jf Mcaleer, M Steine: Combined lancet and electrochemical analyte-testing apparatus. Inverness Medical Technology, zhou beilin zhang shegao, July 9, 2003: CN01808490 (1 worldwide citation)

An apparatus for detection and quantitation of an electrochemically-detectable analyte, such as glucose, in blood or interstitial fluid includes a meter unit, a lancet and an electrochemical sensor. Of these components, the meter is preferably reusable, while the lancet and the electrochemical senso ...

Owh Davies, Jf Mcaleer, Rm Yeudall: Continuous process for manufacture of disposable electro-chemical sensor. Diabetes Diagnostics, cui yaobeng, August 27, 2003: CN01807465

Sensors formed from a substrate, an electrode layer and at least a first reagent layer are manufactured by transporting a continuous web of the substrate past at least two print stations, and printing the electrode layer and the first reagent layer on the substrate. One of the print stations prints ...

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