Jerry A Selvaggi, John R Purcell: Superconductor high gradient magnetic separator. Eriez Manufacturing Company, Charles L Lovercheck, Wayne L Lovercheck, Dale R Lovercheck, October 27, 1987: US04702825 (17 worldwide citation)

A high gradient magnet is disclosed having a coil of superconducting material immersed in liquid helium in a toroidal shaped liquid helium vessel, supported in axial spaced concentric relation to a toroidal shaped liquid nitrogen vessel which forms one end of a toroidal heat shield made of high heat ...

Thomas H Falconer, Marshall A Carner, Jerry A Selvaggi: Eriez Manufacturing Company, Lovercheck and Lovercheck, October 13, 1998: US05821657 (5 worldwide citation)

A vibratory feeder for feeding low density powered material having a tray, a base and a motor supporting the tray on the base. The motor includes an electromagnet having an AC coil supported on an intermediate leg between the outer legs and an armature having a permanent magnet and two pole plates. ...

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