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Ingestible event marker systems that include an ingestible event marker (i.e., an IEM) and a personal signal receiver are provided. Embodiments of the IEM include an identifier, which may or may not be present in a physiologically acceptable carrier. The identifier is characterized by being activate ...

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Methods for evaluating motion of a cardiac tissue location, e.g., heart wall, are provided. In the subject methods, timing of a signal obtain from a strain gauge stably associated with the tissue location of interest is employed to evaluate movement of the cardiac tissue location. Also provided are ...

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Implantable hermetically sealed structures and methods for making the same. Devices, systems and kits including the hermetically sealed structures, as well as methods of using such devices and systems are included.

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The present invention is actuator having a shaft delivering mechanical power to a load, a first active element adapted to be driven by an oscillating signal, and at least one mechanical diode operatively connected to the shaft in the act of development. A plurality of mechanical diodes may also be u ...

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A graft vessel preparation device and a method for using the graft vessel preparation device is provided. The graft vessel preparation device establishes and maintains a critical dimension on a graft vessel which corresponds to a dimension of an anastomosis site on a target vessel. One example of a ...

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A retrieving tool including a retrieving dummy and/or a kit incorporating the same is provided that facilitates training a dog or puppy to find and/or retrieve antlers that were shed by antler bearing animals. The retrieving dummy is shaped to resemble a naturally grown antler and emits an antler sc ...

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A device for use in breaking a window comprises a body (1) carrying a movable plunger (2) with a point at one end, and means (4) for driving the plunger relative to the body, and mounting means for mounting the body on a window frame with the point directed towards the window (12) such that the poin ...

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An aquarium heater comprises an electrically powered heating element (13), Figure 2 which may be of the self-regulating type incorporated in a backing member (12) which is operatively located in close contact with an area of the exterior wall surface of the aquarium tank in use. Preferably the backi ...

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A deer attracting device and/or a kit incorporating the same facilitates luring deer to a specific location. The device includes a base that is supported from below by an underlying ground surface and a lock that holds a visual lure in an upright position, extending away from the base, so that deer ...

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Laying of roofing ridge tiles along a either a peak or hip of a roof is done using a jig 1 comprising a pair of elongate parallel rails 2, 3, and at least one linkage 4, 4' extending between the rails to hold said rails in parallel alignment with each other. The rails of the jig can be placed on a r ...