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The present invention relates to a gripper system which can be secured to a hand of a robot and has at least two mutually independent gripper elements; each gripper element is provided with at least one force sensor for ascertaining a force in a predetermined direction. With this gripper system, it ...

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A method and a device for generating images in a motor vehicle are provided. An infrared-sensitive camera generates images of the surroundings of the motor vehicle. An emission source emitting in the near infrared spectral region is used for the pulsed illumination of sub-ranges of the image recordi ...

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A method for the measured spatial 3D position detection of surface points of an object in a photogrammetric online system, in which a surface measurement point is touched by a probe tip. The spatial 3D position of the probe tip at the instant of touching is computed, with respect to a reference syst ...


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A method for detecting an optical structure from image sequences of an image recording system. An optical flow field is derived from the image sequences of the image recording system. The vectors of the optical flow field are broken down into components by projection onto a coordinate system of the ...

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A parking aid for a vehicle used for detecting parking spaces as the vehicle travels past the parking spaces. Properties of the parking spaces are stored in a memory and information on the parking spaces is output in an output unit.

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A device is described for a motor vehicle, having at least one first camera and at least one second camera, the first camera and the second camera acting as a stereo camera, the first camera and the second camera being different with respect to at least one camera property, in particular the light s ...

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Proposed is a method for measuring distance, which improves the resolution and the selectivity in an echo method, using propagation-time measurement. In this context, a received signal is sampled without first having to smooth the signal.

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A remote control device is used to control a mechanism with the aid of a movement pattern and/or a distance pattern of at least one moved object. The remote control device has a camera module to receive a stereo image and to detect the moved object. An image evaluation module has a movement evaluati ...

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An optoelectronic module having a housing and a supporting element for optical and electronic components situated in the housing. At least one optical component is situated in the housing as well as on the supporting element. The supporting element is connected to the housing via fastening arrangeme ...