Jeffrey S Stiglic, Michael G Borchardt: Closure device and slider. The Glad Products Company, Thomas C Feix, April 24, 2001: US06220754 (68 worldwide citation)

A closure device with interlocking fastening strips and a slider which establishes a leak proof seal. The closure device comprises first and second interlocking fastening strips arranged to be interlocked over a predetermined length and a slider with a separator finger which slidably engages said fi ...


Alan F Savicki, Jeffrey S Stiglic: Closure device. The Glad Products Company, Thomas C Feix, August 16, 2005: US06928702 (5 worldwide citation)

The closure device (121)includes a first fastening strip (130), a second fastening strip (131), and a slider (132) adapted to be slidably disposed on the fastening strips. The slider (132) facilitates the occlusion of the fastening strips when moved towards a first end thereof. A first detent (137) ...

Fleumingue Jean Mary, Zaiyou Liu, Judith A Hollingshead, Helen R Kemp, Shaun T Broering, Angela Phillip, Robert T Dorsey, Dean Ferracane, Sarah A Kuhl, Jeffrey S Stiglic, Carmen N Rodriguez, Eric D Dodson, Laura L McElroy, Steven L Diersing, Melissa J Wene: Multi-layer thermoplastic films and bags with enhanced odor control and methods of making the same. The Glad Products Company, Thomas C Feix, March 27, 2018: US09925745

A multi-layer thermoplastic film include a first film of thermoplastic material, a second film of thermoplastic material bonded to the first film, and an odor control component disposed between the first film and the second film. A method of manufacturing a multi-layer thermoplastic film coextruding ...

John E Rusnak, Nancy M Mack Robles, Jeffrey S Stiglic, Theodore J Fish, John A MacPherson: Bag. The Glad Products Company, The Clorox Company, October 21, 2010: US20100266222-A1

A thermoplastic bag for storing food items may include a first sidewall and an opposing second sidewall joined to the first sidewall to define an interior volume. The first and second sidewalls may be made from pliable, sheet-like thermoplastic web material. The sidewalls may be formed with a patter ...

Jeffrey S Stiglic, Ryan J Coonce: Trash bag with malodor control. The Glad Products Company, July 7, 2011: US20110164834-A1

The trash bag for receiving refuse may include a bag body, the bag body including an inside surface, an outside surface, and a rim defining a mouth with a hem and a draw tape in the hem. The entire bag, the hem area, or the draw tape may contain fragrance, malodor control agents, and fragrance relea ...

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