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A storage cabinet includes a housing having at least one exterior port, at least one interior port positioned above the exterior port, and a convection passageway connecting the exterior port and the interior port such that warm air will rise within the passageway by natural convection from the exte ...

Joseph A Autorino, Jeffrey P Crouch: Ball bat. McCormick Paulding & Huber, October 3, 1989: US04871168 (10 worldwide citation)

A hollow plastic ball bat has an internally mounted swing metering device that provides a visual indication of swing velocity. The bat is defined by inner and outer members that are coupled to one another to define a recess that receives a transparent annular barrel. A bore in this barrel has a weig ...

Joseph A Autorino, Jeffrey P Crouch: Game ball. McCormick Paulding & Huber, October 3, 1989: US04871169 (9 worldwide citation)

Two hemispherical ball components are joined to permit one to be rotated relative to the other. Each component not only defines the ball's spherical surface but also defines a "flat" minor spherical segment. By manually manipulating the flat on one component relative that on the other one can provid ...

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A video camera comprises a video camera body and a light module. Structure is provided, integral with the video camera body, for selectively positioning the light module. The light module can be removably connected to the video camera body.

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An interchangeable mount for a light housing or module adapted to be mounted on a video or film camera or other support surface includes interchangeable shafts, one of which is affixed to a thumbwheel rotatably mounted in the light housing. Should the camera be provided for the receipt of a threaded ...