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Deactivating a data tag attached to packaging for user privacy or tamper-evident reasons. A data circuit stores identification information. A plurality of antennas is coupled to the data circuit. At least one antenna of the plurality of antennas is a removable antenna capable of wireless signal tran ...

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Security systems for protecting assets are described, including password-based security systems that can provide different levels of access responsive to entry of a primary or secondary password. In some versions, user-configurable security rules can provide customized responses to entry of primary ...

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The invention relates to decoding utilizing image data. The image data can be received from a source. A processor can process the image data for decoding. A processing for decoding can be responsive to determined information.

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A system and method is provided wherein a device can be reprogrammed utilizing one or more programming symbols. A device subject to reprogramming can be a portable device. In one embodiment a device subject to reprogramming can be a portable symbol reading device capable of reading programming symbo ...

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A method is described for identifying related pages among a plurality of pages in a linked database such as the World Wide Web. An initial page is selected from the plurality of pages. Pages linked to the initial page are represented as a graph in a memory. The pages represented in the graph are sco ...

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A dual-zoned, three-dimensional, resilient absorbent web is disclosed which is suitable as body-side liner for absorbent articles such as feminine pads, diapers and the like. When used as a liner in absorbent articles, the dual-zoned web combines the advantages of apertured films and soft, nonwoven ...

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A method for making a textured tissue sheet on a conventional tissue making machine using a conventional cylindrical drum dryer creates a product that is remarkably bulky, soft, and wet resilient. A combination of rush transfer and sheet molding with three-dimensional fabrics is combined with the st ...

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Communications between entities who may share common interests. For entities determined to be sharing common interests (e.g., searching using the same terms or topics, browsing a page, a site or a groups of topically related sites), options for communication among the entities are provided. For exam ...