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A water flow monitoring system for determining the presence of leaks in plumbing pipes having water flowing through the pipes under high pressure includes a flow monitor which is mounted to the pipe for sensing the flow of water through the pipe. A timer and/or accumulated volume meter is associated ...

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Disclosed is a process for the preparation of polyamide polymers via prepolymer formation in a reactor system comprising a reactor, flasher and separator, crystallization of the prepolymer under controlled temperature conditions and the subsequent conversion of these crystallized prepolymers to high ...

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A magnetic field generating assembly including self-contained modules formed from relatively high temperature superconducting material. A magnetic flux guide, such as a yoke, is positioned relative to the modules so that magnetic flux generated by the modules is coupled into the flux guide.


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Polyamide, polyurea, polyhydrazide, and polyurethane materials having substantially modified surfaces which are antimicrobial are disclosed. The disclosure also relates to selective ultraviolet (UV) photon irradiation, high energy electron irradiation low energy electron irradiation for preparing su ...

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Process for making nylon 6 in which a feed stream containing a major portion of caprolactam and/or nylon 6 prepolymer and a minor portion of aminocapronitrile is fed to a multistage reactive distillation column in which the feed stream flows countercurrently to a steam stream.

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A process of forming a polycarbonate comprises providing a reaction mixture of at least one polycarbonate-forming monomer and carbon dioxide; and then reacting the polycarbonate-forming monomer and carbon dioxide in the reaction mixture to form the polycarbonate. In one embodiment, the polycarbonate ...

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A method for modifying the cyclic peptide ring system of Echinocandin-type compounds to produce new analogs having antifungal activity is provided. The inventive process comprises opening the cyclic peptide ring, cleaving the terminal ornithine unit, inserting at least one new amino acid or other sy ...

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In one embodiment, the present invention can include a foldable structure employing material-filled panels which can be used as an emergency shelter in disaster areas. A building can formed from one or more building blocks. The building blocks can be in a compact position, such as when being transpo ...

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One embodiment of the present invention provides an insulated panel system for enhanced insulation of an existing structure, the system comprising an additional insulated layer provided on the surface of an existing structurally insulated panel, attachment means for attaching the additional insulate ...