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A cuvette and a method of use which prevent nucleic acid amplified by PCR technology from being released to the atmosphere, while still proceeding to a detection step to determine whether or not the nucleic acid is present. Detection reagents are either pre-incorporated into compartments in the cuve ...

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A combination is provided of a reaction vessel and apparatus for processing it. Preferably, the latter features a temperature control device comprising two surfaces to contact a reaction vessel sandwiched between them, a heater element being disposed on one side of one of the surfaces, a cavity bein ...

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An apparatus for transferring liquid from one chamber to another in successive chambers of a chemical reaction pack comprising a support surface and pressure applicators. Temperature control elements are also provided to heat and cool the liquid contained within the chemical reaction pack.

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There is disclosed a thermal cycling cuvette constructed with an improved sample fluid thermal time constant. The fluid surface-to-volume ratio, and the cuvette thermal path length and thermal resistance of at least one of the walls that provides a major surface of contact, are selected to provide s ...