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Coating powders having a resin system of comprising an epoxy resin and a carboxylic acid functional polymer contain a cure catalyst of formulae (I), (II) or mixtures of (I) and (II):

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Redissolution and/or reoxidation of metals precipitated by chemical reduction from aqueous solutions can be prevented by adding a bicyclic, aromatic, organonitrogen compound to the solution in a amount insufficient to cause precipitation of said metal but sufficient to prevent the redissolution and ...

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An aqueous solution for removing metals from waste water contains sodium borohydride, sodium aluminate and sodium hydroxide.

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An aqueous solution of sodium borohydride, sodium hydroxide, and an anionic polymer is useful for the reduction and separation of metals in wastewater and it is hydrolytically stable for a period of six months. It may also contain an alkali metal aluminate or alum. Thus, a one-package treatment of w ...