Zettel Andrew M, Frisch Damon R, Jeffers Mary A, Tamai Goro, Koch Brian J: On-board battery refresh charging. Gen Motors, cheng tianzheng chen jingjun, August 16, 2006: CN200610007153

A refresh control system that selectively initiates a refresh charge cycle includes an energy storage device and an electric machine that is operable to charge the energy storage device. A control module monitors a usage period of the energy storage device and determines a bias factor. The control m ...

Zettel Andrew M, Miller Michael J, Gibbs James C, Jeffers Mary A: System and method for monitoring an electrical power relay in a hybrid electric vehicle. Gm Global Technology Operation, yangkai zhangzhi cheng, May 30, 2007: CN200610160451

A method and system to monitor a high voltage power relay operable to conduct electrical power from a source to a load, during each vehicle shutdown event. The system includes the electrical relay with a resistive device, electrically connected in parallel circuit, a controllable electrical load dev ...

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