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The invention relates to a gaseous phase chemical treatment reactor for wafers. The aim of the invention is to produce a reactor in which only the face of the wafer to be treated is in fact treated. This aim is achieved with the aid of a reactor comprising at least one treatment chamber (19) located ...

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A method of fabricating a die containing an integrated circuit, including active components and passive components, includes producing a first substrate containing at least one active component of active components and a second substrate containing critical components of the passive components, such ...

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Process for transfer of a microstructure (12) from an initial substrate (10) to a final substrate (32). The process includes the following steps in sequence:

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This invention relates to a process for the manufacture of one electronic structure comprising at least one active component and at least one passive component or element on a support substrate made of an insulating material. A characteristic process comprises the following steps:

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The invention concerns a thin layer semi-conductor structure including a semi-conductor surface layer (2) separated from a support substrate (1) by an intermediate zone (3), the intermediate zone (3) being a multi-layer electrically insulating the semi-conductor surface layer from the support substr ...

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A process for producing an improved non-volatile storage cell of the metal-ferroelectric-semiconductor type is provided. The non-volatile storage cell has at least one metal-ferroelectric-semiconductor transistor formed in a semiconductor substrate and having a source (5), a drain (6), and a gate (4 ...


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A carbon fiber fabric having large specific surface area is made using a rayon precursor, and a catalyst is fixed on the fabric by impregnation or by cationic exchange. The carbon fiber fabric has pores with a mean size lying in the range 0.3 nm to 3 nm, a carbon content greater than 99%, and a high ...


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A novel method makes it possible to form cavities intended to contain a liquid with determined optical properties within a film for optical use. The walls (38) of the cavities (40) are formed by plasma etching of a layer of transparent or light absorbent material (30, 34) transferred onto a microtec ...