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A small sensor for an electrochemical measuring system composed of a measuring apparatus (50) having an electronic circuit (60), a connecting device (64), a positioning and advancing device (56, 57) and an eliminating device (59, 53). The apparatus is adapted to receive the sensor (40), which has a ...

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A sensor for measuring the amount of a component in solution is disclosed. The sensor has a measuring electrode with at least one current collector, electrically connected to one of the electrical contacts and coated with a mixture comprising at least one oxidation-reduction enzyme specific to said ...

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A method is described of measuring the state of discharge of a battery, i.e. the ratio between the supplied capacity and the nominal capacity.

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An electro-optic device comprising a transparent conductive layer, an electrochromic layer applied on the said transparent layer, these two first elements constituting together a first electrode, a counter-electrode maintained at distance from the said first electrode, and an electrolyte ensuring an ...

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A high capacity primary or secondary electrochemical generator in which at least one electrode (4,5) is composed of nanocrystalline particles of an electrically active material, said particles being electrically connected together, either by sintering a colloidal film of said electrically active mat ...

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The article is provided with a coating resisting wear and corrosion, such coating being for the most part made of a precious metal or alloy of a precious metal, for example gold or an alloy containing gold.

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A composite material comprising an open pore rigid foam of ceramic, metal, carbon or a plastics material and a solid filler material disposed in the cavities of the foam. The solid filler material forms areas on the surface of the composite material defined by the walls of the cavities in the foam. ...

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An electro-optic device comprising a transparent conductive layer and an electrochromic layer applied thereon together constituting an electrode, a counter-electrode spaced from said electrode and an intermediate electrolyte; the electrolyte containing a reductant capable of forming, during operatio ...

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This invention relates to a polymeric electrolyte for an electro-optical device including an electrode provided with an electrochromic layer and a counter electrode which comprises a mixture of a protonic polymer and water in which the product of the water content and the gram equivalent weight of p ...

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A dial, in particular for a timepiece, formed of at least one regenerating photoelectrochemical type solar cell including a first substrate intended to be exposed to the light and a second substrate carrying on their opposite faces electrodes between which is arranged a physico-chemical system capab ...