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MFI zeolites based on silicon oxide and, optionally, the oxides of titanium, germanium, zirconium and/or tin, are produced by (1) heating an aqueous, homogeneous reaction mixture which comprises (a) an M.sub.2/n SiF.sub.6 complex (I), wherein M is a cation of valency n, optionally, at least one M.su ...

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The invention relates to the preparation of synthetic zeolites selected from the group formed by chabazite, merlinoite, edingtonite, ZSM 5 and ZSM 11.

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The invention concerns IM-5 zeolite with a chemical composition with the following formula, expressed in terms of the mole ratios of the oxides for the anhydrous state: 100XO.sub.2,mY.sub.2 O.sub.3, pR.sub.2/n O where m is 10 or less; p is in the range 0 to 20; R represents one or more cations with ...

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Novel calcined zeolites of MFI type, based on silica and germanium oxide, are well adapted for the catalysis, e.g., of hydrogenolysis, hydrogenation and reforming reactions, and have the general formula:

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Calcined silica/oxide zeolites, characteristically MFI stannozeosilites or zirconozeosilites, well adopted for catalyzing the H.sub.2 O.sub.2 hydroxylation of phenols or phenol ethers, have the formula (I):

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A process is provided for the preparation of zeolites belonging to the faujasite structural class and exhibiting a Si:Al ratio higher than 1 in which a reaction mixture is first produced which has a pH higher than 10 and contains water, a source of tetravalent silicon, a source of trivalent aluminum ...

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A process for the production of a controlled supported zeolite membrane comprises: (a) forming a gel which is principally localised at the surface of a porous support by bringing it into contact, in succession, with two immiscible liquids which contain the agents necessary for formation of said gel, ...



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The invention relates to a novel process for the synthesis of zeolites of the ferrisilicate type called ferrizeosilites, to the products obtained by this process as well as their uses. Ferrizeosilite according to the invention is characterized by (a) a chemical formula close to the following: