Jean Laurent Pradel: Composition based on isotactic polypropylene obtained by metallocene catalysis and on grafted isotactic polypropylene obtained by ziegler-natta catalysis. Atofina, Hunton & Williams, September 1, 2005: US20050192406-A1

The present invention relates to a composition comprising isotactic polypropylene homo- or copolymer obtained by metallocene catalysis (A), abbreviated to miPP, and isotactic polypropylene homo- or copolymer obtained by Ziegler-Natta catalysis (B), abbreviated to zniPP, and grafted. It also relates ...

Jean Laurent Pradel: Grafted isotactic polypropylene obtained by metallocene catalysis. Millen White Zelano & Branigan PC, October 14, 2004: US20040202806-A1

The present invention relates to an isotactic polypropylene obtained by metallocene catalysis, onto which is grafted a functional monomer. The invention also relates to a composition which may form part of the composition of a coextrusion binder. This composition according to the invention comprises ...

Jean Laurent Pradel, Pierre Nogues, Christophe Loret: Method for hydrogenation of polymers in dispersed medium. Smith Gambrell & Russell, November 24, 2005: US20050261445-A1

The invention concerns a method for hydrogenation of unsaturated polymers in dispersed medium based on an oxidation-reduction system containing hydrazine, an oxidant such as a peroxide and optionally a carboxylic acid. The hydrogenation rate can reach 100% in certain conditions.

Samuel Devisme, Fabrice Chopinez, Jean Laurent Pradel, Guillaume Le, Thomas Roussel: Production of grafted polyethylene from renew able materials, the obtained polyethylene and uses thereof. Arkema France, June 23, 2011: US20110152454-A1

The invention relates to a method for production of grafted polyethylene comprising the following steps: a) fermentation of primary renewable material with optional purification to give at least one alcohol chosen from ethanol or a mixture of alcohols comprising ethanol; b) dehydration of the alcoho ...

Fabrice Chopinez, Johann Laffargue, Jean Laurent Pradel, Damien Rauline, Samuel Devisme: Coextrusion binders on a renewable/biodegradable basis. Arkema France, Arkema, Patent Department 26th Floor, October 21, 2010: US20100266858-A1

The invention relates to coextrusion binders including renewable and/or biodegradable polymers having good adhesion properties: at least one renewable and/or biodegradable polymer (A) grafted with a functional monomer including at least one reactive function, the grafting ratio being <1% in weight o ...

Jerome Chauveau, Fabrice Chopinez, Arnaud Gerbaulet, Jean Laurent Pradel: Coextrusion binder of co-grafted pe and pp diluted in a non-grafted pe. Arkema France, Arkema, Patent Department 26th Floor, October 1, 2009: US20090246533-A1

The invention concerns a coextrusion binder comprising a mixture of at least one ethylene homo- or copolymer (A1) of density ranging between 0.940 and 0.980 g/cm3 with at least one propylene homo- or copolymer (B), said mixture being grafted by at least one functional monomer and optionally diluted ...