Jean Jacques Flat, Philippe Blondel, David Meslet: Flexible high thermomechanical stress-resistant and fireproof halogen-free thermoplastic compositions. Arkema France, Thomas F Roland, March 1, 2011: US07897673

The invention concerns flexible high thermomechanical stress-resistant and fire retardant halogen-free thermoplastic compositions, comprising a polyamide block-graft copolymer consisting of a trunk and on average at least one polyamide graft, wherein the grafts are bound to the trunk by the residues ...

Jean Jacques Flat: Polyurethane elastomer formulation on the basis of polydiene polyols and castor oil having improved damping properties.. Atochem Elf, October 13, 1995: FR2718453-A1

A polyurethane elastomer compsn. contains (a) a polydiene polyol, (b) castor oil, (c) opt. a polyol with low mol. wt., and (d) a polyisocyanate with at least 2 NHCO gps., with the amt. of castor oil being sufficient to give (i) a delta tangent (tg delta) of at least 0.2, measured at the Tg of the co ...

Jean Lebez, Jean Jacques Flat, Jean Michel Pierrot: Hydroxylated polydiene based hot-melt adhesive compositions. Atofina, March 27, 2001: US06207785

The invention relates to hot-melt adhesive (HMA) compositions which are provided in the form of a polymer containing free isocyanate functional groups, the said polymer resulting from the reaction of a polyisocyanate (A), of a polydienopolyol (B) and of a copolymer (C) of ethylene containing hydroxy ...

Jean Jacques Flat: Polyaminoester elastic body composition with good buffering characterastic main composition of which are polydiallyl polyhydric alcohol and castor oil. Elf Atochem, WU DAJIAN, December 6, 1995: CN95104528

This invention relates to a formulation of the polyurethane elastomer which conssists of polydiene-polyhydric alcohol and castor oil. The quantity of castor oil is so enough that a) at the glassy transition temp. Tg is not lower than -20 deg.C, tgdelta measured is at least equal to 0.2, b) shore har ...

Jean Jacques Flat, Morand Lambla: Bromated polyproplene with modified crystallinity controllable, method of production and use as adhesion agent thereof. Elf Atochem, YU YANSHENG, May 12, 1993: CN92111665

Brominated modified polypropylene with controlled crystallinity. It is prepared by the radical grafting and/or substitution of an organic bromine compound which has in particular a labile C-Br or N-Br bond. It can be used for adhesive bonding of various substrates and in particular of metal substrat ...

Patrice Robert, Jean Jacques Flat: Oxygen absorbent films and structures comprising same. Millen White Zelano & Branigan PC, April 22, 2004: US20040077786-A1

The present invention relates to a film comprising copolymers of ethylene and of an unsaturated epoxide and comprising quinones grafted onto these copolymers. The quinones are subsequently reduced (activation) to become oxygen absorbers. According to an advantageous form of the invention, it is poss ...

Jean Jacques Flat, Benoit Barriere, Benoit Brule: Polyamide and polyolefin blends with a polyamide matrix and containing nanofillers. Thomas F Roland Esq, ATOFINA Chemicals, November 11, 2004: US20040225066-A1

The present invention relates to polyamide (A) and polyolefin (B) blends containing nanofillers in which the polyamide forms the matrix. These blends can also be referred to as “polyamide (A), polyolefin (B) and nanofiller blends in which the polyamide forms the matrix”. The invention also relates t ...

Philippe Blondel, Benoit Brule, Nicolas Frenois, Jean Jacques Flat: Polyamide-and polyolefin-based fire-retarded compositions. Antofina, Millen White Zelano & Branigan PC, March 18, 2004: US20040054054-A1

The present invention relates to fire-retarded compositions comprising, by weight, the total being 100 parts: 50 to 75 parts of a blend of a polyamide (A) and a polyolefin (B), 25 to 50 parts of a blend comprising: 0.1 to 48.8 parts of a fire retardant, 0.1 to 30 parts of a phosphorus-containing pla ...

Patrice Robert, Jean Jacques Flat: Polymers with hydroxy functions on the side-chains. Millen White Zelano & Branigan PC, March 18, 2004: US20040054198-A1

The invention concerns polymers of formula (1) wherein: R1 represents an alkyl cycloalkyl or aromatic radical capable of bearing one or several hydroxyl functions. They can be obtained by reacting a copolymer bearing an epoxy function on a side-chain with a product of formula R1-COOH.

Jean Jacques Flat, Jean Laurent Pradel, Jacques Fontela: Polyurethane aqueous dispersions and preparation method. Frederick F Calvetti, Smith Gambrell & Russell Beveridge De Grandi, April 10, 2003: US20030069380-A1

The invention relates to a process for preparing aqueous polyurethane dispersions, which comprises the following steps: (a) formation of a prepolymer having NCO functional groups by reaction, in a solvent, of a polyisocyanate, a polydiene having hydroxyl terminal groups and a mass {overscore (M)}n o ...