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Liquid crystal cell using the electrically controlled birefringence effect and processes for the production of the cell and a uniaxial medium or material of negative optical anistropy usable therein.



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A microdot trichromatic fluorescent screen comprising two facing substrates. The first substrate supports cathode conductors provided with microdots, grids and an insulating layer separating the same. The second substrate supports three series of parallel conductive bands. The conductive bands of ea ...

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A dot matrix type liquid crystal display device having two groups of mutually crossing parallel electrodes sandwiching a liquid crystal layer, the electrodes of one group having an aperture at each electrode crossing area along the direction of and centrally at the electrode of the other group. The ...


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Devices and methods for carrying out a chemical or biochemical protocol are disclosed. In one embodiment, the chemical or biochemical protocol is performed by cycling at least one thermal transfer member between at least two temperatures while liquid samples on which the chemical or biochemical prot ...

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Provided is a microfluidic device comprising a microfluidic substrate comprising at least one pathway for sample flow; and at least one thermal transfer member which is capable of cycling between at least two temperatures. The thermal transfer member is adapted to heat at least a portion of the samp ...

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The nematic liquid crystal cell weakly doped by a chiral solute and of the electrically controlled birefringence type. Doping is such that the resulting cholesteric liquid crystal twist exceeds approximately twice the thickness of the liquid crystal coating and is less than approximately 8 times sai ...

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A process for the control of a matrix display such as a liquid crystal display displaying grey levels comprising a display material inserted between m electrode rows and p electrode columns which cross the rows, a material zone M.sub.i N.sub.j being excited by the application to row M.sub.i of a fir ...