Jean Luc Rhenter, Jean Collomb: Synthetic ligament for the knee. Parkhurst Wendel & Rossi, January 7, 1992: US05078745 (63 worldwide citation)

A synthetic ligament for knees, made of biocompatible material, including an active ligamentary part arranged between the femoral and tibial regions of intra-articular penetration. The active ligamentary part having a first pair of parallel main elements and a second pair of intermediate elements wh ...

Jean L Rhenter, Jean Collomb: Total hip prosthesis with primary fixation. Parkhurst & Oliff, September 15, 1987: US04693724 (63 worldwide citation)

Total hip prosthesis with primary fixation is provided with three essential parts:


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The instrument consists of two or more straight tubes (13,15) slidable one inside another, a straight rod (10) of smaller diameter than the smallest tube, and a cutter (14) which fits inside the largest of the tubes and has a cutting tip on one end and a handle (22) on the other. The cutting tip is ...

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This femoral shaft (1) for a total hip prosthesis intended for primary fixation has a longitudinal profile tapering from the head (2) to the point (3), an overall trapezoidal section, and an ovalised cross-section of the shaft (1). The anterior curvature (8) of the shaft, viewed in a longitudinal pl ...

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This invention relates to a protective box for the sterilization of organic material. The box includes a box body adapted to receive and immobilize a packing, a box lid fitting on the body and forming, internally, at least one protuberance for cooperation with the capsule of the packing, removable c ...

Jean Collomb, Jacques Bejui, Claude Majou: Femoral stem for primary fixation hip prosthesis.. Impact, Bejui Jacques, Collomb Jean, September 17, 1993: FR2688403-A1

Femoral stem for primary fixation hip prothesis, comprising: . a head (A) intended to receive a prosthetic neck, . a proximal portion (B) of flared tulip shape, the periphery of which has a threading defining a helical ramp, . a distal portion (C) which is cylindrical (9) and rounded at its end (10) ...

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This acetabular cup for a hip prosthesis comprises: - a support cup (1); - a frictional core (10), comprising on part of its external face notches (11) regularly arranged along generatrices, and an annular groove (12) cutting the said notches, intended to receive a metal clip, the notch/clip assembl ...

Jean Collomb: Stem for hip prosthesis.. Impact, Collomb Jean, May 7, 1992: FR2668702-A1

Improved femoral stem for a hip prosthesis, made in two separate parts, which are, respectively: . a prosthetic neck (1) intended to extend out of the femur, and whose end (2) receives a ball; . a stem proper (10) intended to be introduced into the femur to be strengthened, comprising a proximal por ...