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A system for lasing includes a diode laser array for emitting light of wavelength .lambda..sub.0, a tunable Bragg grating fiber laser connected to the diode laser array for emitting single mode light of wavelength 2*.lambda..sub.vis, a cladding pumped power amplifier connected to the diode laser arr ...

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A smart node is provided for use in an optical communications network wherein the smart node comprising dynamically reconfigurable optical signal manipulation devices in combination with sensing devices and processors to provide real time closed and open loop control of various channels of the netwo ...

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A single-frequency fiber-optic ring laser exhibits improved frequency stability, reduced laser intensity noise, broad tunability and narrow linewidth. The fiber-optic ring laser includes a ring-resonator with a length of single-mode optical fiber, a gain medium of rare earth-doped fiber, a broad-ban ...

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A chromatic dispersion compensation device selectively delays a respective portion of spectral sections of each respective optical channel of an optical WDM input signal to compensate each optical channel for dispersion compensation, and includes a spatial light modulator having a micromirror device ...

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A reconfigurable optical interleaver/deinterleaver device combines/separates a pair of optical input signals from and/or to an optical WDM input signal. The interleaver device includes a spatial light modulator having a micro-mirror device with a two-dimensional array of micro-mirrors that flip betw ...

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A fiber optic, Faraday-effect current sensor (optical current transducer) which has improved temperature sensitivity due to compensation for temperature-induced variations of the Verdet constant. Fiber optic sensing coils can exhibit shifts in their bias angle due to a number of reasons, including p ...

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Architectures for coherently combining an array of fiber-based lasers are provided. By matching their lengths to within a few integer multiples of a wavelength, the spatial and temporal properties of a single large laser are replicated, while extending the average or peak pulsed power limit.

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A fiber optic subassembly for a Faraday-effect current sensor has an optical sensing fiber supported by a tubular holder in a square or rectangular configuration, with the three of the four corners thereof designed with bends which have a net zero bend-induced birefringence. The bends are formed by ...

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An optical source capable of enhanced scaling of pulse energy and brightness utilizes an ensemble of single-aperture fiber lasers as pump sources, with each such fiber laser operating at acceptable pulse energy levels. Beam combining involves stimulated Raman scattering using a Stokes' shifted seed ...

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An optical fiber amplifier includes a length of silica optical fiber having a core doped with neodymium, a first cladding and a second cladding each with succeeding lower refractive indices, where the first cladding diameter is less than 10 times the diameter of the core. The doping concentration of ...