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A method and apparatus for arbitrating between command streams. The method unblocks high priority commands which are blocked and then selects any remaining high priority commands. Normal priority commands are selected after the high priority commands. A memory controller described includes a command ...

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According to one embodiment, a computer system includes a first hub agent and a hub interface coupled to the first hub agent. The first hub agent is adaptable to sample the hub interface in order to detect the presence of a second hub agent upon initiation of the computer system. In a further embodi ...

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A memory controller for use with a memory sub-system selected to have one of multiple memory organizations. The memory controller includes output drivers connected to output pins, the output drivers being programmable to have one of multiple output characteristics. The memory controller also include ...



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A bridge circuit providing for efficient data transfer between a first bus and a second bus in a computer system. The bridge circuit receives an address indicating a memory location storing a data segment requested to be transferred from the first bus to the second bus. Fetch circuitry fetches the r ...

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An enhanced general input/output communication architecture, protocol and related methods are presented. In one embodiment, a method is described comprising receiving a datagram at general input/output (GIO) interface from a remote GIO interface coupled through a GIO link, validating content of one ...


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Error correction circuitry attempts to detect and correct on the fly erroneous words within random access memory (RAM) within a computer system. RAM errors are scrubbed or corrected back in the memory without delaying the memory access cycle. Rather, the address of the section or row of RAM that con ...

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A personal computer (PC) card insertion method and apparatus uses a subset of connector ground terminals and pins, located at either end of the connector, for detecting the onset of a card insertion. The host PC card slot connector has pull-up resistors for keeping the subset of ground terminals at ...