Ferenc Hesz, Istvan Sipos, Janos Korda, Laszlo Stefanouits: Building unit for buildings with light-weight structure. Co Operative Joint Co For Building And Engineering, XU BIN, October 12, 1988: CN87104546 (1 worldwide citation)

The invention relates to a building unit of a light structured building without frame and bearing structure; the whole area of the unit is composed of the corrugated or trapezoid slab, the groove tend is along the main direction of loading, at least one side of the corrugated or trapezoid slab is pr ...

Ferenc Hesz, Istvan Feher, Istvan Sipos, Istvan Sipos Jr, Jamas Nyeki, Janos Korda: Self supporting space confining structure with variable space. Egszov Epito Es Gepipari Szovetrezeti Kozos Vallalat, WANG YANBIN, December 28, 1988: CN87104119

The present invention relates to a self supporting and space confining structure with a variable space which has self-supporting space sealing boards. The invention is principally characterized by that it contains a fixture means which is fixed on the board along adjecent edge of self supporting and ...

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