Janice W Bussard, Kelley B Reenders: Non-spilling snack container. December 5, 1989: US04884717 (82 worldwide citation)

A container used for nibbling snack food, including a receptacle and a top cover made of flexible material, the cover having crossing slits forming a circle of tongues which when flexed downwardly by a person's fingers reaching inside for picking up the food, thus form a self-closing dispensing open ...

Janice W Bussard: Modular work station. December 4, 1990: US04974915 (46 worldwide citation)

A small working station for several persons located in a large interior, including a cluster of individually partitioned areas surrounding a central unit supplying controlled air circulation to the areas; the sizes and shapes of the areas and the number thereof being readily adjustable, as needed fr ...

Janice W Bussard: Holographic art applied to T-shirts or other textile products. June 13, 1989: US04838965 (44 worldwide citation)

A hologram being adhered to a textile fabric by means of a silk screen printing ink while at the same time printing a graphic on the textile; the ink embedding the hologram edges therein and the ink containing an ingredient to bond with the hologram.

Janice W Bussard: Moisture and abrasion resistant holographic products. Joseph K Andonian, January 25, 1994: US05281499 (30 worldwide citation)

A product and process comprising a layered hologram and diffraction grating which will resist deterioration from abrasion and moisture as a separate article of commerce or when attached to a substrate (especially fabrics). Such resistance is accomplished by sealing the edges of the layered product a ...

Janice W Bussard: Holographic products with sealed edges. Joseph K Andonian, October 3, 1995: US05455129 (24 worldwide citation)

A holographic product with sealed edges which will resist delamination before and after attachment to a substrate when exposed to moisture or abrasion resulting from ordinary usage. The holographic product comprises a transparent abrasion resistant moisture impervious plastic top layer, an adhesive ...

Janice W Bussard: Holographic products with improved seals. Joseph K Andonian, May 24, 1994: US05314767 (21 worldwide citation)

An improved process for cutting and simultaneously sealing the cut edges of holographic materials comprising cutting with a hot cutting tool. Suitable cutting tools include a steel rule die, a hot tipped cutter, and a laser. The resulting product can be attached easily to a substrate and will resist ...

Janice W Bussard: Kit for individualized silk screen printing. August 1, 1989: US04852483 (19 worldwide citation)

A kit for singular screen printing on T-shirts, including a carrier loaded with a row of overlapping stencils and a mask for shielding around a printing area.

Janice W Bussard: Cabinet with built-in fan. June 28, 1988: US04753496 (12 worldwide citation)

An enclosed area, such as a cabinet, having a section for items and also a separate section containing an air circulating system contained within the cabinet.

Janice W Bussard: Needlework framing hoop for wall display. February 23, 1988: US04726130 (11 worldwide citation)

A needlework hoop set including a pivotable loop between opposite ends of the inner hoop; the loop operating with a mechanism that expands the inner hoop against an outer hoop.

Janice W Bussard: Framing hoop for wall hangings. January 13, 1987: US04635388 (2 worldwide citation)

A pair of interfitting hoops for holding a fabric therebetween during needlework application, and a take-up mechanism on the inner ring keeping the interfit frictionally snug; the take-up mechanism being pivotable from a retracted position to an extended position for hanging on a wall hook or nail a ...