Jan Willem van Hesden: Lapping compositions comprising an aluminum, dialkyl orthophosphate gelling agent. Borg Warner Corporation, Richard J Schlott, September 6, 1977: US04046524 (13 worldwide citation)

An improved lapping composition for use in lapping the surfaces of parts such as gears, seals, rings, and the like comprises a hydrocarbon liquid which is gelled by the addition of an alkyl orthophosphate gelling agent and to which is added the abrasive grit. The thixotropic character of the composi ...

Jan Willem VAN Hesden: Cutting oil additives. Borg Warner Corporation, Richard J Schlott, September 19, 1978: US04115285 (8 worldwide citation)

The addition of a partially neutralized aluminum acid alkylorthophosphate to hydrocarbon cutting oils improves machinability and extends tool life in metal-machining operations.

Jan Willem van Hesden: Non-foaming lubrication oil. Borg Warner Corporation, Richard J Schlott, January 18, 1977: US04003839 (4 worldwide citation)

A lubrication oil having improved resistance to foaming and a method for preventing foaming of lubrication oils comprising the adding of dehydrating agents to the lubrication oil.