Paul R Pelfrey, Larry R Fairbanks, Jan E Byer: Lineal. Crane Plastics Company, Standley Law Group, January 24, 2006: US06988345 (33 worldwide citation)

A lineal for framing openings in buildings that may provide a finished appearance to the opening being framed. The lineal may be comprised of a nailing hem and an overhang. The lineal may additionally comprise a channel portion. The lineal with a channel portion may be manufactured as a one-piece or ...

Paul R Pelfrey, Jan E Byer: Window sill and trim corner assembly. The Crane Group Companies, Standley Law Group, June 1, 2010: US07726092 (1 worldwide citation)

The present invention is a window sill and trim corner assembly. The window sill and trim corner assembly may extend around a window or other opening in a structure.