James W Brown, George W Brown, Charles F Brown: System for selective prevention of non-emergency use of an electronic device. RatnerPrestia, February 10, 2004: US06690940 (178 worldwide citation)

A system for selectively disabling use of at least selected features of a stand-alone electronic device under a predetermined set of conditions. The system establishes a state of the set of conditions as being satisfied or unsatisfied, communicates the state to the electronic device, and disables th ...

James W Brown, William S Stoddard: Video overlay system having interactive color addressing. AT&T Bell Laboratories, M A Morra, November 20, 1984: US04484187 (128 worldwide citation)

Apparatus and method are disclosed for selecting colors for presentation in a display device such as a CRT. The apparatus includes a pair of video memories that store picture element (pixel) data for presentation at the same location of the display device. A color map, or video look-up table, stores ...

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A hybrid male coupling member adaptable to couple with at least two types of female coupling members includes a one piece integrally molded housing having a front engagement wall, a fluid path being defined by an inner wall. The inner wall has an engagement section disposed proximate a front end of ...

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A slidable pane power window assembly for mounting in the rear window of truck cabs is disclosed. The assembly comprises a frame dimensioned to fit in the rear window opening of a truck cab and fitted with one or more fixed and slidable window panes. A slidable pane is moved horizontally into an ope ...

James W Brown: High impact resistance door. April 18, 1978: US04084347 (50 worldwide citation)

An improved door suitable for use in industrial plants and other such areas where the door is to be opened and closed by objects or vehicles which strike the side of the door. The door has a hollow body provided with a monolithic construction and is formed from a moldable material which is highly re ...

Roger A Allaire, James W Brown: Control of median crack depth in laser scoring. Corning Incorporated, Maurice M Klee, December 11, 2001: US06327875 (43 worldwide citation)

A glass sheet is separated by propagating a crack in the glass sheet by moving a laser beam across the surface of the glass sheet along a desired line of separation and then streaming coolant at the glass sheet at a predetermined distance behind the laser beam. By altering the profile of a laser bea ...

James W Brown: Shipping bulkhead. General Packaging Corporation, Richards Harris & Medlock, March 28, 1978: US04080906 (36 worldwide citation)

A bulkhead for installation across a compartment wherein a first multi-ply panel has a narrow flap along one edge, a narrow flap across the top and a narrow partial thickness extension along the edge parallel to one edge. A second multi-ply panel has a narrow flap along one edge, a narrow flap acros ...

Matthew Petrick, James W Brown: Wire manager. Bretford Manufacturing, Wood Phillips VanSanten Clark & Mortimer, July 3, 2001: US06254206 (31 worldwide citation)

A wire manager for cables to electronic equipment on a table work surface. A bin with a removable cover is secured along an edge of the work surface. A bin divider defines longitudinally extending front and rear channels for power and data cables. Holes in the rear wall of the bin and in the cover a ...

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Light sensitive layers in photographic elements are protected against exposure to radiation in the blue region of the visible spectrum by a yellow filter dye having the structure: ##STR1## where: R.sup.1 is alkyl of 1 to 3 carbon atoms;

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The present invention relates to a process for laser scoring of flat glass sheets. The process comprises manipulating a laser beam having a substantially Gaussian intensity profile to produce an elongated heating zone on the glass sheet to be scored, the elongated heating zone having a central porti ...