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A geographic based communications service system that includes a network and a plurality of access points connected to the network and arranged at known locations in a geographic region. One or more service providers or information providers may be connected to the network to provide services or inf ...

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An applier for an anastomosis ring device. The applier has an elongate implement portion and a handle connected to the implement portion. The applier further includes a distal actuating member having catch means which, in a lock position, protrudes radially outward to engage a distal ring. The appli ...

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A system and method for providing access and/or roaming features on a network system. The network system includes a plurality of wireless and/or wired access points coupled to a network. A portable computing device (PCD) of a user may store identification information which uniquely indicates a netwo ...

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A network communication service with an improved subscriber model. In one embodiment, a mobile user (MU), also referred to as a subscriber, may access the network service through a portable computing device (PCD) using a wireless (or wired) network interface card. Access points (APs) for the network ...

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A transcribed non-naturally occuring RNA molecule comprising a desired RNA molecule, wherein the 3' region of the RNA is able to base-pair with at least 8 bases at the 5' terminus of the same RNA molecule.

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Concepts for fabricating improved cores for investment casting are described. The cores are composite which include refractory metal elements and ceramic elements. The refractory metal elements are provided to enhance the mechanical properties of the core and/or to permit the fabrication of cores ha ...

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The display of a multi-column table can be optimized. For example, a container, such as a multi-column table, can have a first container width. The container includes first text, second text, and a divider, such as an icon, whitespace, or text, between the first text and the second text. The first t ...

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A device and method for forming a tubular braid comprising a plurality of filaments. The braiding machine comprises a disc with a mandrel extending from the center in a perpendicular direction and a plurality of catch mechanisms arranged circumferentially around the edge of the disc. A plurality of ...

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This invention relates to novel chemically-modified nucleic acid molecules having specific formulae that exhibit increased resistance to nucleases and increased binding affinity to target nucleic acid molecules. The invention further relates to methods of modulating gene expression using the novel c ...

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Systems and methods are disclosed for active column filtering. In accordance with one implementation, a method is provided for active column filtering. The method includes providing a table having data values arranged in rows and columns, providing a first filter location indicator whose location is ...