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An insulated attic access cover which is easily installed from below the attic access opening and includes a flat panel with a central insulation portion, flanges which carry a seal and attachment points to secure the cover to the ceiling.

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A method and apparatus for rapidly and accurately dispensing measured amounts of powdered material from a vibratory feeder with a shaker rod extending through an orifice at the discharge end of the feeder and which rod undergoes reciprocal movement in response to vibration of the feeder to regulate ...

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A rafter air infiltration block for use in house construction to prevent loss of blown-in insulation and to prevent air infiltration between the outside and the trusses. A generally rectangular piece of stiff, waterproof material has a plurality of fold lines to allow the block to be readily placed ...

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Precision weighing and filling of comminuted materials is carried out at high speeds by advancing the material to be weighed into a rotatable pan, applying an unbalanced electromagnetic force to the pan so as to cause it to rotate through a predetermined angle to dump the contents into a tiltable di ...

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A stock or cattle prod for applying an electric shock to stock to induce them to move when loading them for transportation or through a cattle chute or the like comprises a handle having a high voltage generator and a battery therein. A head, which is angularly rotatable relative to the handle struc ...

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A movable framework retains an edge guide apparatus preferably in the form of a slanted rotary member or members, for determining a reference position relative to the edge of a previous tier of roofing shingles. The framework has a chute attached thereto for directing shingles into position with a s ...

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A safety enclosure providing quick and easy access to the processing area comprising a counter-weighted movable open ended cylinder capable of being raised and lowered and in this lowered position can be securely affixed by swing away clamps to a flanged pressure vessel head containing processing eq ...

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A method and apparatus for high-speed precision powder or granular weigh filling and the like. Electronic weighing devices are used in conjunction with a multiplicity of weigh pans which can simultaneously be placed on the weighing devices, filled to a programmed weight, transported and dumped into ...

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A method of attaching a leader to a snelled fly by connecting a loop bearing a bead at the end of a leader to a snell loop at the end of a leader is disclosed. Generally the snell loop is first slipped over the beaded bead loop. Then, a length of the snell monofilament line is pulled through the bea ...

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A snelled fly file for a fisherman to carry on their person is described. The file provides a fisherman instant identifiable and organized access to a snelled fly collection, thereby offering convenience and easily visible, instant selection. The two covers hold see-through bags of snelled flies wit ...