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A wristwatch (12) contains communication and memory circuitry and a transmitter. The memory circuit stores a personal identification number for a single user. The communication and memory circuitry is driven by the same battery which powers the timekeeping structure of the watch. A transmitter trans ...

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Acylamino heteroaryl compounds in which the heteroaryl nucleus is a 5-membered ring containing a single heteroatom, which may be oxygen, or sulphur, methods of making the compounds and pharmaceutical formulations containing the compounds. The compounds have anti-allergy activity.


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1,032,031. Articulated vehicles. YORK TRAILER CO. Ltd. Feb. 4, 1963 [Feb. 8, 1962], No. 4883/62. Headings B7D and B7H. A temporary axle for use with tractors and semi-trailers comprises a pair of double or single wheels 6 mounted on an axle carried by a pair of leaf spring assemblies 3 from a framew ...

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A plexifilamentary strand of film-fibrils having a tensile strength of at least 1 gpd and a surface area, measured by the BET nitrogen adsorption method, greater than 2 m/g. The film-fibrils are comprised of at least 20 % by weight of polyethylene and polypropylene, wherein the polyethylene and poly ...


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A composition comprises an impact modifier and a compatibilized blend of a poly(arylene ether) and an aliphatic-aromatic polyamide. The polyamide is composed of dicarboxylic acid units comprising 60 to 100 mol % of terephthalic acid units and diamine units comprising 60 to 100 mol % of 1,9-nonanedia ...

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An example method includes capturing, by an image capture device of a computing device, an image of a face of a user. The method further includes detecting, by the computing device, whether a distance between the computing device and an object represented by at least a portion of the image is less t ...

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A mass fluid flow sensor for determining the amount of fluid inducted into an internal combustion engine, for example, is disclosed. The mass fluid flow sensor includes an external intake fluid temperature element which improves the accuracy of the mass fluid reading. An external cold wire element i ...

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Facial recognition can be used to determine whether or not a user has access privileges to a device such as a smartphone. It may be possible to spoof an authenticated user's image using a picture of the user. Implementations disclosed herein utilize time of flight and/or reflectivity measurements of ...