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In an audio speaker network, setup of speaker location, sound track or channel assignation, and speaker parameters is facilitated by an application detecting speaker locations and prompting a user to input rough room boundaries and a desired listener location in the room. Based on this, optimum spea ...

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A radio with a tuner and other program sources uses a digital signal processor (DSP) to enhance the audio signal and to generate a stream of digital data including audio data and control data corresponding to loudness functions. A fiber optic data link couples the data stream to a plurality of remot ...

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A CE device for, e.g., displaying the time can incorporate an accelerometer to provide various features and enhancements. For example, tapping of the housing as sensed by the accelerometer may be used for controlling various application modes of the device.

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A user is guided through various setup routines to optimize speaker parameters and/or positions and/or frequency assignations for the particular space in which the speaker system is located and intended to be used. This can be done using an application downloaded from a cloud server to a smart phone ...

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A circuit producing a wake-up signal with a frequency selective RF amplifier that produces an amplified RF output. An RF detector detects the RF output and produces a signal W indicative of the the RF output signal's presence. A threshold detector determines if the amplified output signal has reache ...

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A speaker system comprised of more than one speaker, which utilizes the known characteristics and location of each speaker to enhance low frequency (low (bass) frequency) performance of the system.

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In an audio speaker network, the individual speakers of the network have lamps on them that are controlled to present a light show in synchrony with the audio being played by the system.

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A networked-speaker system which includes noise cancelling for active suppression of unwanted sounds. Feed-forward or feed-back cancelation can be used as appropriate for the location of the microphone sensing the noise.

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Some embodiments provide a portable consumer electronic device comprising: a battery; a user interface configured to provide a user with information and receive inputs from a user; and a wireless power distribution circuitry coupled with the battery, wherein the wireless power distribution circuitry ...

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The frequency of a digital data signal, such as a digital video signal, is intentionally varied or hopped before being sent over a network. This frequency hopping may be performed in accordance with a frequency hopping pattern shared with only intended receivers. The digital data signal may be furth ...