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Oil recovery method using polymer solutions in which highly permeable strata are made significantly less permeable while less permeable strata are not made significantly less permeable. This is accomplished by heating more permeable strata by injection of hot fluids, and then injection of a crosslin ...


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An epoxidized diene star polymer having greater than 4 arms and comprising from 0.05 to 5 Meq of di-, tri- and tetra-substituted olefinic epoxides and the molecular weights of the arms are from 1,500 to 15,000.

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The reverse two-hybrid method has been designed to provide a practical and efficient means of utilizing yeast cell-based assays to screen for molecules that can inhibit protein-protein interactions of interest. Existing two-hybrid systems involve reconstitution in yeast of a transcriptional activato ...

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An improved two-step process for producing large size emulsion polymer particles includes the steps of providing uniform size polymer particles in the first stage followed by a controlled second stage monomer polymerization which overcomes stability problems in large size composite emulsion polymer ...

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Emulsion polymers produced by polymerizing ethylenically unsaturated monomers in an aqueous medium can be substantially improved by incorporating into the monomer mixture a minor amount of blend of epoxy resin and glycidyl acrylate. The epoxy modified emulsion polymers are particularly useful as amb ...

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A cured composition possessing excellent cohesive strength at high temperatures along with excellent adhesion, shear strength and solvent resistance is prepared by the high energy ionizing radiation initiated curing of a polymer composition comprising an alkenyl arene/conjugated diene block copolyme ...

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A compatible polymer blend comprising: a curable aromatic epoxy resin, an epoxidized polydiene polymer, and an anhydride or polycarboxylic acid curing agent. The invention also relates to structural adhesive compositions comprising cured compatible polymer blends as described.

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A bituminous composition comprising a bituminous component and an epoxidized polymer of a conjugated diolefin and, optionally, a vinyl aromatic hydrocarbon.