James R Boyack, Andrew K Juenger: Brightness adjustment of images using digital scene analysis. Polaroid Corporation, Robert A Sabourin, March 3, 1998: US05724456 (250 worldwide citation)

A system and method for processing a digital image signal which represents an image can be made to optimally map luminance values versus a tonal reproduction capability of a destination application. Specifically, the system includes a device for partitioning the image into blocks, then combining cer ...

James R Boyack, Peter H Roth, N Edward Berg: Process for fabrication of printed circuit boards. Hayes Soloway PC, October 13, 2005: US20050227049-A1

A method of making a printed circuit board by coating a surface of a substrate with an electrically conductive polymer and curing or setting the polymer on the substrate. The polymer coating is laced with a catalytic reducing agent.