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An electric power system for an electric vehicle includes an electric drive motor, a high voltage bus for supplying operating power to energize the drive motor, and an inverter including power switching devices and having an inverter output. The inverter is coupled between the high voltage bus and t ...

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A power bus bar assembly comprising planar electromagnetic interference (EMI) inductors. An exemplary power bus bar assembly or planar inductor comprises upper and lower E-E magnetic cores, and upper and lower flat bus bars that are insulated from each other. The bus bars have a plurality of core cu ...


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A method for detecting an isolation fault in a system comprising a source connected an inverter through a circuit interrupter, the inverter connected to windings of an electric motor for driving the electric motor, is presented. The method comprising operating the inverter (1) to yield a zero net cu ...

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A power module with heat sources wherein the heat is dissipated by a heat sink. The heat sink includes a manifold with coolant flowing therein. An opening on the manifold enables the coolant to come in direct contact with a base plate of the power module. The power module being retained on the heat ...