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A light source assembly and associated method of forming same includes a generally planar light emitting device having parallel first and second generally planar surfaces that are interconnected along a perimeter. A seal extends over at least a portion of the light emitting device. Further, a sidewa ...

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Disclosed herein is a light emitting electrical package having a first electrode layer comprising a substantially transparent nonmetallic conductive material, and a plurality of light emitting elements disposed on said first electrode layer. The first electrode layer comprises a peripheral region, a ...

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An organic light emitting device includes a cathode and an optional substrate external to the device. The device further includes at least one film layer disposed on at least one of the cathode or the substrate. The at least one film layer includes at least one of a magnetic, a mixed magnetic materi ...

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The present invention relates to an electro-optical device, wherein the device is a light source, for example an OLED. The OLED includes at least a substrate, a cathode, an anode, one or more organic light-emissive materials disposed between the cathode and anode, and a gradient refractive index fil ...

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A light panel includes a light source having a generally planar, light emitting surface and a perimeter edge. A backsheet is disposed in substantially parallel relation with the light emitting surface, and an electrical feed-through region extends through the backsheet at a location spaced inwardly ...

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A fluorescent lamp having a protective polymeric sleeve to provide impact resistance and contain fragments if the lamp shatters. A UV-blocking layer is coated on the outside of the glass envelope of the lamp or on the inside of the sleeve to help protect the polymeric sleeve from UV degradation. The ...

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A large area, flexible, OLED assembly has improved thermal management by providing a metal cathode of increased thickness of at least 500 nm. A thermal heat sink trace may be used as alternative or in conjunction with the increased thickness cathode where the trace leads from a central region of the ...

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Apparatus for accurately picking and placing one or more optoelectronic devices for vacuum lamination of materials in a way that minimizes stress to the materials.

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Color mixing using the reflective properties of an OLED is provided. At least one OLED is used to reflect light from at least one other light source such that light from the OLED and the additional light source are combined. Light from the additional light source is reflected from a surface in the O ...

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A heat transfer apparatus for a gas turbine engine includes: a component having a wall structure defining a flow bounding surface; a chamber formed in the component, the chamber including a wicking structure, a vapor channel, and a working fluid.