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An audience measurement system plays and records television program material on a client system's persistent storage device. Program guide objects are stored on the client system and indicate when television programs are broadcast. A client system stores a viewer's television viewing habits and beha ...

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A multimedia signal processing system utilizes an easily manipulated, low-cost storage and display system that allows the user to view a television program and instantly review previous scenes within the program. The invention also allows the user to store selected programs while simultaneously watc ...

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A transportable digital video recorder system provides a transportable DVR containing a processor and persistent storage device storing a plurality of digital streams and is inserted into an authorized receiving device or a docking station. The system allows a receiving device to select a specific d ...

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A method and apparatus for recognizing and synchronizing to in-band data at a multimedia device is provided. A content stream includes in-band data. The in-band data is processed and in-band data pattern data associated with the content stream are created. Metadata are attached to the event identifi ...

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A digital video recorder (DVR) system with an integrated DVD recording device accepts TV input streams in a multitude of forms. Analog TV streams are converted to an MPEG formatted stream for internal transfer and manipulation, while pre-formatted MPEG streams are extracted from the digital TV signa ...

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A method for displaying a webpage is described. The method involves receiving a broadcast stream including a program, playing the program in the broadcast stream to a viewer, displaying an icon to the viewer and receiving viewer input in response to display of the icon, pausing the playing of the pr ...

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A method and apparatus for sharing personal media using a digital recorder transfers multimedia content via email to a digital video recorder.

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Methods and apparatuses for presenting targeted advertisements to DVR users are described. After a DVR has finished playing a recorded television program, or in response to other specified events, the DVR presents a screen which comprises a “save or delete” menu. In addition to the “save” and “delet ...

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Techniques described herein enable parents to establish a child-protective “kids zone” on a DVR. According to one technique, a DVR receives, from a parent, identities of DVD content items that the parent does not want children to view. The DVR maps the identities to a kids zone. During times that th ...

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Techniques for real-time DVR usage and reporting enable using instant message protocol in a DVR environment to obtain real-time DVR usage data and to report data reflecting such usage in real-time. An example of DVR usage data comprises data reflecting that a viewer is viewing a video program which ...