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A new configurable gate array is defined in a master slice wafer form without borders of the kind currently known between constituent transistor gates, effectively providing a sea of gates over the wafer, interrupted if at all by islands, containing markers or the like; and a resultant application s ...

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A time-release chemical delivery system in which a bioactive compound is attached to a polymeric biodegradable carrier by a hydrolyzable bond is disclosed. The bioactive compound can either be bound directly to the polymer or be attached to the polymer via a spacer group. The composition of the syst ...

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The present invention relates generally to perfusion catheters and distal protection devices. According to an embodiment, the present invention includes a distal protection filter comprising an elongate shaft having a proximal end and a distal end, a distal protection device disposed at the distal e ...

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A semiconductor device, a microelectromechanical system package and a method of making the same utilize high performance vias for vertical IC packaging. A semiconductor die of the device/package has a substrate with integrated circuitry formed on a front side of the substrate. A metal bonding pad ov ...

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A large scale memory system that can use devices with some defective memory cells in them since bad cells and bad devices are recorded in a separate permanent memory that accompanies the system. The permanent memory is continuously referred to so as to avoid defective cells during accessing. Spare d ...

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The disclosed fitting connects a tubing end to a fluid conducting member which have a fluid port and end walls surrounding the port and a threaded portion surrounding the end wall. The fitting comprises a ferrule of resilient deformable material having a forward portion with a wide flat sealing surf ...

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Distal protection filter frame and method for using and manufacturing the same. A distal protection filter frame may include one or more struts, a mouth, and a filter coupled to the mouth.

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An apparatus and method for electrochemically modifying the retention of a species on a chromatography material is disclosed. The apparatus comprises a housing having an effluent flow channel adapted to permit fluid flow therethrough. The effluent flow channel comprises chromatography material. The ...

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A method and apparatus is disclosed and is capable of transferring both small containers that are up to 20 feet long and large containers about 40 feet long between the cargo area of an aircraft and airport cargo handling facilities. The apparatus includes a mobile, self-propelled main loader and a ...

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A leg length gauge for use during hip joint replacement surgery to insure that the overall length of the patient's leg subsequent to the surgery is substantially the same as it was prior to the surgery. A first pin is inserted into a patient's ilium and a second pin is inserted into the patient's fe ...